The AfWN is currently disseminated in one of two formats:

  1. As part of the Open Multilingual Wordnet project

To browse not only the five African Language wordnets, but also wordnets for other languages, please go to 

Statistics on the compilation of the various wordnets are also available from this link.

  1. As a downloadable XML file from the SADiLaR Language Resource Management Agency

See the SADiLaR RMA webpage for all details

These files are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
All files are distributed under the same conditions.

Attribute work to:

Bosch, Sonja and Griesel, Marissa. 2017. Strategies for building wordnets for under-resourced languages: the case of African languages. Literator 38(1).

Each of the language files have been indexed using the following ISLRN.

Please reference this index when using a particular language resource:

AWN: isiZulu 884-495-382-918-6
AWN: isiXhosa 484-200-848-869-7
AWN: Tshivenda 193-390-599-634-9
AWN: Setswana 609-257-955-359-4
AWN: Sesotho sa Leboa 639-836-685-202-8